Tide 2013 launched successfully

The University of Wollongong’s Tide anthology, the tenth edition, was launched last night to rapturous applause, and with a particular memorable speech from the subject’s founder, Dr Shady Cosgrove, in which she attributed the success of previous students of the Tide classes over the last ten years to their having been part of the wonderful trial-cum-triumph experience this subject is known to be. (This was for comic value; although she taught the subject herself for its first seven years, Cosgrove is not mad yet.)

Other highlights included a wonderfully warm speech from Subject Coordinator Dr Christine Howe, and readings from some of the student writers published in the ‘zine. I also gave a speech about how terrific this team have been, not just at getting through to the endpoint (by the skin of their teeth) but also at dealing with all manner of surprises along the way.

So that you can follow their future great works, their names are: Mowana Chatham, Caitlin Easton, Tayne Ephraims, John Glenn-Doyle, Tatum Holloway, Stephen Lyons, James Poole, Matthew Pritchard, Lucy Tierney, Amy Underwood, Erinn Urquhart, Alyssa Wickramasinghe, and editing the illustrations and designing the book: Nhat Dang and Tamara Davies. Congratulations to all! Here we all are below, excited to be finally launching this baby.

Me, with the 2013 Tide team