Story is a powerful tool

Words have power – to convince, to create, and to connect. Thinking in terms of story is a great way to harness that power, and share it. Now, we’re in exciting times: we can share digital stories with millions – or billions – at the click of a button.

What’s your story?

What’s your story? Do you believe in it? Will others?

Your story could be:

  • a novel or memoir
  • a short story, essay or article
  • sales or promotional copy for your service or product
  • business stationery

It could be delivered:

  • as a traditional paper book – perhaps a graphic novel or hybrid work
  • via a blog or website
  • in digital form as an app, ebook or transmedia project.

Maybe you don’t know the shape of your story. Maybe you’re stuck on how to execute your idea or you’re confused by all the changes in publishing and what it means for finding a publisher, distribution, or a wider audience. Don’t worry: you’ve found help. As in life, working in collaboration on your story can bring out its richness, so you can not only find an audience but also engage them.

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