How texture works

texture offers writing and copywriting as well as the following editorial services.

  • Structural editing: How does your story fit together?
  • Copyediting: Does it flow well and make sense? Are there typos that will confuse readers or search engines?
  • Proofreading: Has it been through a final ‘polishing’ process to make sure corrections were entered?

But one of these tailored services may better suit your needs.

  • Consultation: Do you need advice on getting ‘unstuck’ or finding your way into a project? Do you need feedback on a submission or help to secure a publisher?
  • Digital development: Can you better engage an online or mobile audience?
  • Coaching, training and mentoring: Would you or your team benefit from learning the skills to structure, edit and proofread your own publications?

What happens

  1. We define the brief: We talk so I can find out more about your project and make sure I understand your needs. What is it that you’re making or selling? Who are you trying to reach?
  2. We agree on the quote: Providing the quote may involve giving you a sample edit of some of your material, or a review of your proposed or existing website.
  3. Real work begins: I get elbows deep in your project, communicating with you at each stage with feedback and suggestions, collaborating with you to bring out its best and get it to its final, polished form. A project may go through two or three rounds of editing or more, depending on its size and scope.
  4. Publication: Your story, now finished and polished, gets out there to an audience.
  5. Audience engagement: Enjoy the rewards of having built a story people want to stay inside, connected and engaged. (This is why you hire an editor.)

The circle can be an effective structure for storytelling, but if you’re just thinking in circles — stop. Let me help you move forward. When you’re ready, get in touch.