Our first texture Storytime

texture community reading room will host our very first children’s picture book reading on Wednesday 13 February at 3.45pm (see flyer below). I’m pretty excited about it because it means I get to share some of my favourite children’s books with local children (and their parents). It’s also a way of setting in stone in the schedule each month some time to do something I love…without it being about work. (I have to watch it: workaholism is in my genes.)

To make it even more fun, I like to give myself constraints:

  • I can’t choose the book until the day (instinct reigns; but I have a lot of books to choose from)
  • No RSVPs – people just turn up if and when they can
  • No charge, because this is about love (of words and story) and all should have access
  • No foreign books – Australian only
  • Reading only – this is about the joy of a picture book, not homework sheets

I’m the reader for the moment, but I’m hoping to be able to convince some friends from the Australian and New Zealand branch of the SCBWI to do a reading if they’re coming through this way (hint, hint). If you’d like to offer yourself or your book for texture Storytime, let me know.